Saturday, November 27, 2010


Its damn well time.

A weekend to get down to it. Get over on it. Be over with it.

Dancing through the detritus of the disruptions.

Declassifying the documents.

Discovering the bones of displacement and distractedness.

Dispersing the odour.

Dispatching the days of dolour.

Driving out the disinterestedness.

Destroying the details of depression.

Drilling through the decadic layers of deviancy and delinquency.

Dispelling the indolence of disillusionment.

Disinfecting the disorder.

Dressing up the new order.

Desecrating the dead flesh.

Drawing out the new flesh.

Dismembering old devices.

Misremembering old vices.

Reconstructing the reality.

Deconstructing the decrepitude.

Discharging all dissimulation.

Designing a new direction.

Developing strategies of decorum and decency.

Directing a new dramatis.

Debunking the dreams of fabulists.

Debating the dubiousness of discretion.

Deferring to the demands of the Dionysian.

Daring to defy ....


  1. Damning the doldrums?

    Nice - this is a keeper.

  2. Sounds like the Fish Eye has got some house cleaning to do.
    "Reconstructing the reality."
    "Designing a new direction."
    "Debunking the dreams of fabulists."
    A monk's work is never done.