Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Record Store Day!

Spring has sprung.

The fiscal year is finished. Finally.

The Highlanders hoisted the Dominion Cup. I see new headphones in my future.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun. Great traditional rivalries renewed.

Habs v. Bruins (remember Kenny Dryden v. Gilles Gilbert and Patrick Roy v. Andy Moog?)

Canucks vs. Blackhawks (remember King Richard Brodeur v. Murray Bannerman?)

Predators vs. Ducks (remember ......... Pekka Rinne v. Dan Ellis?)

The downtown patios are opening.

And come morning, its Record Store Day.

New releases and re-releases from hundreds of bands. From Husker Du to Pearl Jam. ZZ Top to John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

Ozzy Osbourne is this year's ambassador.

And while I haven't owned a turntable in years, I hope vinyl lovers turn out in droves on Saturday to buy records.

As for me, I'll be scorched earthing my apartment. All superfluous shit must go. Maybe I'll have a garage sale. That seems to be the thing to do this time of the year. Or, since I don't have a garage, and have to park my car halfway across the downtown, I'll dump everything behind the building next to the trash and recycling bins.

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Did I mention that Ozzy is the ambassador of Record Store Day this year?


  1. You've cast me back to some of my best memories. When the fight for The Cup drew sweat, tears and frayed nerves, when the pounding intro to Gimme All Your Lovin' jump started my heart, when Ozzy was coherent and linguistically eloquent. Devoting a day for record store buys seems like a good idea to me. Well said FE.

  2. Hockey, purging, records - three things I love.

    Go Preds!

  3. Nice post FE. Wish I had a vinyl player. I see that in my future. Let's go talk things over at the Glue Pot Pub sometime soon. That's a classic Ottawa haunt.