Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy 2012 to all.

Tho I may be suffering with my annual distemper, today is coming up Roses.

I realized, many years ago, the truth behind the futility of Resolutions. Things are really only resolved in the crucible of contingency and change. They are resolved in the wake of revelations. After the apocalyptic unveiling of our true natures.

The counterfactual rests on the flimsiest axis. The most unstable of fulcrums.

And yet, the calendrical reboot provides us all an opportunity to Project, however vainly.

But this time, it could be different. The unintended consequences of my Interruptnum will continue to germinate and cross-pollinate.

Gather ye rosebuds while you may.

Alt-worlds. Alt-ideas. Alt-attitudes. Altered states.

They will be written. They will be read. They will be seen. They will be loved.

Emancipation from expectation. The salving, the solving, even the celebration of the anxiety of influence.

Long live, quite literally, the new flesh.

The Interruptnum has, and will continue to cost me Money. Good Money, and Bad Money.

Yet it has also freed me from Money's tyrannical grip. I love that about the Interruptnum.

Have a good year, my friends.

Oh, and go Oregon Ducks Go.


  1. right on - wise words, but for now I'm checking Mayan math...sic

  2. Tremendous. A lyrical, descriptive and existential jubilee. Let's wash this quest down with a few stout ones. Great work FE.