Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rolling out the Bumboats

Look, King George is shitting on France! HAAA HAAAA HAAAA!

Sorry to offend anyone's Gallic sensibilities. But the scatalogical quota needed to be bumped up before the end of Fisheye's fiscal year. To be fair, I'll throw up old Sawney as well. But given the Auld Alliance, maybe that won't be appreciated either.


  1. Another post of brilliance. There's nothing wrong with scat humour. Just ask that potty mouth Freud.

  2. Your apology for offending my affection for the descendents of Gaul is accepted. Now, how about that poutine and box of Joe Louis' you offered? Gonna wash it all down with a Labatt 50.

    Appreciated your comment about Oprah. I am actually writing an unauthorized biography of her, it's called: "The Fat God" - should hit bookselves soon.