Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I had a dream the other night that I was entirely composed of vegetation. I had everything at my fingertips -- food, photosynthesized energy, complete environmental self-sustainability. And then I woke up, realizing it was actually a nightmare. My body was shuddering uncontrollably as my organic memory was suffering a flashback to an overdose at a wheat grass juice bar in Vancouver during the late 90s.

Thanks, Ativan.


  1. Hey, you can take the boy outta B.C., but you can't take B.C. Bud outta the boy!!

  2. A vivid powerful dream and a valuable warning.

    Old Ollie

  3. A rather unsettling exposition. Reminds me of a film I paid money to see once, half-in-the-bag I was, going in, it was called The Fountain starring Hugh Jackman of Wolverine fame. Apparently it was the same director as The Wrestler. This cinematic enigma was a mixed bag of Mayan axiology, a spirit shape-shifting through time, poor lighting, marathon crying scenes with Hugh and his wife, a light peppering of Neitchze's Eternal Recurrence culminating with Hugh Jackman's character morphing into a bed of flowers and wheat grass. Fell asleep 3/4 way through but when discussing with a cute art major afterwards, apparently I was an expert on the film. Most likely my drunken slur and popcorn covered shirt betrayed that image as she didn't call me again.