Saturday, May 22, 2010

Faster Pussycat!

My feet are a little sore today. I hope its not the gout. It's become more of a democratic disease, I hear. Or maybe I need to get the Royal Touch. Problem is, there aren't many Kings around anymore, unless I go track down Garry Galley or Brian Kilrea. The Shawarma King left my neighbourhood a couple years ago. The Garlic King could do it -- he can do anything.

Just saw the old woman's cat across the street. Outrageously obese, it was basking in the antediluvian sunshine.

It got me to thinking about cats. About the ones I've had as pets. I've always been partial to black cats. For what reason I can't say. I've had a black cat with green eyes. I've had a black cat with copper eyes. I even talked my girlfriend into calling her by that name, Copper. And then she talked me into getting some kind of jungle cat that cut me up real good, but that's another story.

Black cats. If you're going to have a cat, it might as well be black. They appear to be more intelligent, more independent, more interesting and yes, more occult. I've always had an attraction/repulsion dialectic going on with the feline. Whether in women or cats.

Is there any better discussion of perversity than in Poe's The Black Cat? So brief, yet no writer has anatomized the principle of perversity so succinctly.

Both of my black cats died the same way. Both died of the same disease that interrupted my life.

I think I'm gonna go down to the SPCA and get me a black cat again.


  1. best cat you can get is a tabi. ours is super-chill but affectionate and never meows or whines.

  2. Cats are good - I got an little ditch cat. She was thrown out of a car in a box. Black one would be cool.

  3. Best cat I ever saw was Julie Newmar as the Catwoman; circa 1968 in the Batman series. Saw her interviewed recently. Said she whas hired because she had a "very talented body". Who's to argue?

  4. Great cat story Fish.
    Saw a guy downtown the other day, he was sitting by a fountain playing a trumpet that existed only in his mind. That cat sounded pretty good to me.