Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pink Triangle Trimester, or, I Had a Lesbian Teaching Assistant

No, its not a 50's b-movie.

It was my professional life, from 2002 until spring 2003.

She was a good drinking buddy. Addicted to everything -- coffee and cigarettes, booze and BC bud.

She lived in her office at the University Graduate Centre. Yes, it had a shower, though I suspect that she didn't make much use of it.

Hanging out with her had its perks -- the generous patronage that she enjoyed meant that there was always a lot of beer, pungent air, and attractive women in her orbit when she held court. She was a great conduit for meeting women, including the host of the campus radio sex show, "Juicebox".

The problem is, the court was always in session. And she almost single-handedly shattered my sessional career. I finished the job myself a few years later.

I'm dumb, she's a lesbian. Pinkerton -- one of the greatly neglected albums of the 1990s.


  1. Think I might watch a Lesbian Vampire flick. Pinkerton is a gooder!


  2. Great post!! It aches for more!! You left us in suspended animation!! The torture.