Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Information

High noon on Sparks.

Antebellum Beau's. Black Sabbath brats. Bosomed beauties. Bridgehead brews. Beanie or Brady. Bruinschrusher or Brawler. Boom or bust. Bomber says we're gonna win the Bowl.

Still waiting for the Information. Its coming to me now. Climbing up the ladder. Top of the world. A triangular pyramid. Money rolls up, shit rolls down. The campaign is nearly over, the endgame in sight. I've got an exit management solution. An obscene strategy. A shining path in front of me.

A stereo situation no more. Gotta take extreme measures. An armed response.

The Information is on its way.


  1. There is more poetry in you than you let on. Not bad at all, Fish Eye. Has rhythm.

  2. Nice one Fish Eye -
    Kept me hooked, like a wide mouth bass on a Colorado blade. A nice change from your usual Ricoeurian slip n' slide.


  3. The information cannot be stopped.