Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parking Permits and Pigskin Picks

The Faustian bargain has finally been sealed! The Da Vinci of parking spots has been bequeathed upon me. A chunk of downtown real estate to further despoil. Not the location I initially wanted, but it will do ... fine.

Because this one is right next to the finest film rental shop in the city. I see a synergetic sign here -- the universe is telling me that I need to get back to watching films. The finest films.

Mephistopheles, however, has already begun to reap his reward -- Concussion, Vol IV commenced this morning. No matter, I'm feeling rather the Ubermensch these days. No black rain is gonna dampen my spirit, for however long its still mine. I'm gonna break my rusty cage. I'm gonna drink the Devil's milkshake.

Nothing finer than drinking the Devil out of his milkshake.

Phantasy football draft tonight at the pub. New kids picking last, but Bomber predicts we'll pound them all. Like bastards from a blanket.

Now that would be fucking fine.

And there definitely will be blood.


  1. There Will Be Blood. Fine movie, I must say. And the Brahms Violin concerto was a nice touch,

  2. Combine your passions - a Football Film fetival. Enjoy your "spot".

  3. What an epic film FE sourced in this post. Epically woven into a story of fantasy league football.

    now a word from Gary Busey:



  4. where you been at, fisheye? miss your rantings.

  5. just a temporary hiatus to get some work done -- will be back real soon