Monday, May 23, 2011


Another reason to marvel in May is over.

Another good field ran in the 64th reeling of the festival de Cannes.

Malick, von Trier ... even Takashi Miike got a long overdue invite to compete for the Palme d'Or.

The jury, headed by Robert De Niro, gave the nod to Malick. Which doesn't mean much, of course. What makes the festival noteworthy are the films buried in the sidebar competitions and non-competitions that finally make it to wider distribution.

One of the best parts of all this was watching De Niro speak French. I guess his Italian didn't help him out very much. ("Best of du 64eme festival de Cannes" - at the 6:30 mark)


  1. Whatever Deniro says goes; especially when he is in characer.

    The Matrix won't let me sign in.

    Old Ollie

  2. Classic Von Trier - that big, ol' Nazi sympathizer! Kirsten Dundst looked all hot and bothered but Von Trier had a big smirk on his face...too crazy not to laugh. Let's check out 'The Tree' when it hits in June. See what insight Malick can shed on this stinky world.