Friday, May 20, 2011

Country Fair

The Victoria Day long weekend is about to kick off!

Here in the city, the patios are packed. The hot dog vendors can't keep 'em coming fast enough to ease the long lineups.

And out beyond the city limits, the season of the country fair is about to unfurl in all its ferocious glory.

Its time.

Time for the 4-H clubs to make some hay.

Time to clean out the fryer, and wipe off the grill.

Stir the gravy. Chop the curd. Flip the burgers.

Take the tokens. Put up the beer tent.

Ride the rusty rollercoaster. Bum a smoke off the carny.

Drive the tractors over. Put your lemon in the demolition derby.

Creedence cover bands. Proof of age wrist bands.

Others can have their Pioneer Days. Nothing needs to be re-enacted at the Country Fair.

Its always been.

And others can have their Balloon Festivals. No Trooper. No April Wine. No Honeymoon Suite. No Loverboy. No unforgiving spandex. And no balloons. Sounds like a solid manifesto to me.

I'll take the country fair.

You'll find me and my Jumbo Dog under the shade of the John Deere green.


  1. Oh yes -this harkens back to 24s of 50 and late late nights at the fair. In Smiths Falls we liked this concept so much our only Mall is called the County Fair Mall...

  2. Jumbo Dog... It's still there.

  3. Always went to the Carp fair with my Uncle and cousins. Scarfed down many a hot dog and watched many a horse-pull. Classic Rush. We'll have to inhale a few at the Glengarry Games this year.